About us

Nippon Carbide Industries (NCI) was founded in 1935 in Toyama, Japan.

At that time, the acetylene induction business using carbide as a raw material was a promising new chemical industry.

During its over 80 year history, NCI has reconstructed its operations several times, so that currently its core technologies deal with resin polymerizing, films/sheetings, and sintering, based on which a wide variety of goods and services are provided.

Company History

1935 Nippon Carbide Industries was founded, with its Head Office at Shimoniikawa, Toyama Pref.

1936 Our factory operation started (at what is now our Uozu Factory).

1940 Our Head Office moved to Tokyo.

1941 Our Osaka Business Branch was opened.

1947 Sanwa Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded.

1949 We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

1959 Construction of our Hayatsuki Factory started.

1961 We were listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.

1962 Vinyframe Industry Co., Ltd. was established.

1969 Diamond Engineering Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

1980 We acquired equity ownership in Hokuriku Ceramics Co., Ltd.

1988 Thai Decal Co., Ltd. was established.

1988 Electro-Ceramics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.

1990 We acquired equity ownership in Kanto Ouka Co., Ltd. (which is renamed NCI Electronics Co., Ltd. in April, 1997, we absorbed NCI Electronics Co., Ltd. in December, 2018).

1991 Nikka Polymer Co., Ltd. was established (enabling our entry into retroreflective sheeting market, Nikka Polymer Co., Ltd. was dissolved in June, 2013).

1991 Nippon Carbide Industries (USA) Inc. was established.

1994 PT Alviny Indonesia was established.

1994 Nippon Carbide Industries (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established.

1997 NCI (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established.

1999 Nippon Carbide Industries (South Carolina) Inc. was established.

2011 Nippon Carbide India Pvt. Ltd. was established.

2012 Nissetsu Co., Ltd. was established.

2014 Nippon Carbide Industria Do Brasil Ltda. was established.

2014 Kyoto Manufacuturing Site was established.

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